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If your business operates in the space of wholesale, distribution, and even retail, this story will sound familiar – particularly in companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Business is changing in many ways. This isn’t news, but the rate of change is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Retail partner are demanding greater responsiveness. Manufacturers expect higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. New competitors appearing, as are new business models. How do you continue to grow revenue in a typically low-margin business with these continued threats?

Successful wholesalers are leveraging technology in new ways to sharpen business practices, improve agility, and anticipate customer buying behaviour. Application of these technologies and practices is giving more flexible small and midsize companies the opportunity to leapfrog larger and less “technology enabled” competitors. 

Download : Dive deep into this IDC report on how small and midsize firms are using technology to modernise and get ahead. 

Download: Dive deep into this IDC report on how small and midsize firms are using technology to modernise and get ahead. 

Cutting through “Digital Transformation”

The term “Digital Transformation” is thrown around extensively. But what does it really mean for your business? Chances are that you have already taken steps to leverage technology to transform your business. IDC research indicated that software is a particular focus – including CRM, collaboration, and ERP. Cloud-based solutions are making these solutions more affordable and accessible than ever. 

Download: Cut through the hyperbole to and read how IDC is seeing small and midsize companies apply technology to meet key business goals.

Cloud-based ERP

Wholesale Distribution organisations tend to face similar challenges. We all know the market is changing, but it boils down to the two key drivers –revenue growth and operational efficiency. An ERP system can provide the robust platform to run your business which provides the insight and visibility to help you grow. While traditional ERP implementation can be lengthy and complex, cloud-based ERP offers a completely different experience, and puts the best industry technology into your business. Solutions such as SAP Business ByDesign offer a 40-year pedigree of industry-leading technology and processes, available to implement in as little as 6 weeks.  

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How we can help

Making this kind of transformation can be difficult – especially when it comes to developing the business case.

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have a team of professionals who work to understand your business needs and build the solution that is right for you. We have the local Australian team expertise, teamed with global size and IP to help with this transformation in a way that meets your needs.

The ultimate value is that we act as your advocate to ensure you get what’s best for your business.

Challenge us to find the right solution for you. Speak to us today.

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