The Opportunity for Wholesale and Distribution

More and more complexity is finding it's way into everyday operations. Online ordering, global shipping, remote order management, real-time tracking of goods - all capabilities which have become customer expectations.Forward-thinking firms are embracing technology to turn these new customer expectations into core competencies, and gaining an advantage over competitors.

Today you can run with the highest levels of efficiency, integrate with customer's businesses, and master new value-added services such as light manufacturing and post-sales support. Cloud-based services, including top-tier ERP solutions, mean that transforming your business into a true story of digital readiness is more accessible than you might think.

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IDC Whitepaper

Wholesale: Small and Midsize Firms Are Using Technology to Sharpen Business Practices and Improve Customer Engagement

Rather than simply react to new threats by trying to improve performance and reduce costs, successful wholesalers are leveraging technology in new ways to sharpen business practices, improve agility, and anticipate customer buying behaviour (and retailer needs) while working more closely and effectively with suppliers to support a comprehensive view of the distribution chain.

SAP Feature

The New Digital Economy: Building Your Foundation for Simplicity and Growth.

The digital economy presents new challenges – what to do with all the data? But it also brings opportunities to be more competitive, to know your customers better, and to better predict future needs.

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