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There's no doubt we are experiencing a period of disruption. The rapid emergence of new technologies has the potential to transform the way mining and natural resources companies operate. The adoption of automated trucks and the use of Remote Operating Centres are just an early example of the adoption of new technologies. The pace of change is accelerating and NTT DATA is uniquely positioned with our global reach, proven experience and innovative approach to assist companies in adapting to the new digital era of mining.


Over the last few decades the Mining industry has been challenged by declining productivity, increasing costs, volatile markets and lower shareholder returns. Following the recent downward price cycle, the industry recognised the need for optimisation to improve profitability. While the cycle has turned, there is a general acknowledgement in the industry that things will have to be done differently beyond optimisation to improve productivity and empower growth. Mining companies have consequently eagerly adopted technological innovation as a means to transform their operations and drive value from the business.  

NTT DATA is assisting customers to adopt innovative thinking to solve pressing business challenges. The NTT Group invest approx. $1.5B USD annually in R&D, because we recognise the value of innovation. The global innovation centre works with a collaborative ecosystem of innovation and technology partners to accelerate the development of emerging technologies into powerful solutions that solve business problems.


NTT Innovation Institute Inc. (NTT i³)

NTT i³ recently partnered with The Colorado School of Mines, to automate air and dangerous gas monitoring and generate related alerts and ventilation on demand, improving the safety of the mine as well as providing economic benefits.

“Working with NTT i3 was a fantastic experience, and a lesson for getting things demonstrated and done.  NTT i3 reached into the mining industry, identified an issue, and woke up the Mining Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) – giving us a work-out on investigating, prototyping and piloting new technologies."
– Priscilla Nelson, Professor and Head, Department of Mining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Mine Operations

The convergence of OT/IT is viewed as a driver of substantial change in safety, sustainability and overall performance. NTT DATA, through our collaboration with other group companies, is uniquely positioned to assist our customers to take advantage of the rapidly transforming and digitising mine of the future.

There have been significant developments in Mine Operating Systems, in particular mine planning, where the length of time taken to perform a technical mine plan can be dramatically reduced allowing for adaptability to changing market conditions in ways that were previously not possible.


Safety is a key focus of mining companies. The NTT Group’s "Hitoe" Safety Vest monitors the wearer’s fatigue and is used to alert the wearer and supervisor when dangerous levels are reached. This technology has direct application in dangerous environments or situations where heavy equipment is being operated, complementing the mining industry’s drive for zero harm.



Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

The mining industry is a highly competitive business with requirements for safety, return on capital employed, operational effectiveness and customer demand for quality products. In line with the changing demands that mining companies face, NTT DATA helps its clients to address their operational, technical, and risk management challenges while they focus on gaining competitive advantage.

We do this by having local team expertise, teamed with global size and IP to help with business challenges.

Industry Expertise

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Management
  • Capital Portfolio & Project Management
  • Industrial IoT


  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Capital Management


  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Application Platform & Infrastructure
  • IT Management

NTT DATA Business Solutions has a proven track record in assisting customers through merger & acquisition processes, rapidly transitioning operations to new platforms or incorporating them into existing solutions.

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