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HR professionals are critical to an organisation's success. Too often we see these strategic resources weighed down by inefficient manual processes and not given time to add their real value. Topics such as employee engagement and workforce planning should be the priority of HR – measuring and improving to ensure maximum productivity.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Technology solutions are critical to enabling HR professionals to deliver on their potential with measurable business results. Learn more about how these solutions and their impact of employee engagement and department efficiency below.

Systems live in 6 weeks with 98% employee uptake!
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Employee engagement may be the single most important business metric. But it’s not as simple as “happiness”. Technology-enabled processes are enabling organisations to systematically build employee engagement – find out why it’s so important and the steps to getting it right.


Technology enabling efficiency in HR processes can remove the administrative burden and allow HR professionals to take their rightful place as strategic business advisors.


Case Study: Burra Foods Australia

Burra Foods Australia are a manufacturer of dairy ingredients in regional Victoria. In an effort to improve the efficiency of their HR department, empower employees and gain visibility to understand future workforce needs, they choose SAP SuccessFactors and NTT DATA Business Solutions.

In only 6 weeks the project was complete - and within the first week, 98% of employees had used the new system. Hear from Brad Cowling, General Manager for People and Culture, on how the removal of up to 4,500 man hours is transforming their capability to deliver value back to the business. 

How we can help

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have a dedicated team of HCM professionals who come from both business and technology backgrounds. This knowledge allows us to provide our customers with the best advice regarding HR Systems now, and provide a roadmap for the future. 

Leveraging best-in-class SAP SuccessFactors, we cater solutions to meet the needs of our clients - helping define HR processes and configure the optimal solution from various delivery model choices - on-premise, cloud or hybrid. Our dedicated Australian team is extended by our global group of over 7,000 SAP professionals. This allows for project implementation cost efficiencies and scalability for companies of all sizes.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is a platinum SAP partner with specialisation in SAP SuccessFactors.

Our capabilities

Full Service Provider
- Consulting, Implementations, Upgrades, Management

Preconfigured Templates
- Multi country templates
- Fixed scope, fixed cost
- Accelerated rapid deployments

HCM On Cloud
 - Subscription Based model for SAP SuccessFactors, workforce management and payroll

Unique Capabilities
 - HR Analytics
 - HR Mobile apps
 - Solutions for Biometric Devices

SAP SuccessFactors Capabilities

  • Employee Central
  • Performance & Goals
  • Compensation
  • Succession & Development
  • Recruitment
  • On-Boarding
  • Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Workforce Planning & Analytics
  • Mobile
  • JAM


  • Our implementations are timely and cost effective. We have extensive geographical and industry experience with customer success references that can be made available on request.
  • We provide our clients insightful HCM solutions that cater to long term requirements. 
  • We work with our customers to prioritise aspects of your HR technology landscape that pose business challenges and offer opportunity for improvement. This ensures that you get the best return on your HR Information System (HRIS) investments over the timeframe of your program.
  • We have formed strategic partnerships with accredited product specialists in the HCM/SuccessFactors/SAP area. This gives our customers the assurance that the design and implementation of their solution landscape can be managed by one service provider with access to the most up to date information and the best resources to deliver on time and on budget.

Ready2Run Rapid Deployment Solutions

Our rapid deployment solutions cut down rollout time, saving businesses money and put new technology within reach of departments with smaller budgets. The product suite leverages a rapid implementation approach for SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, allowing HR departments to see results fast. gives businesses and HR departments the tools they need while bringing a number of added benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed Timeline: Despite thorough planning and the best intentions, HR implementations often meet unexpected delays. is built with a quick rollout in mind, and leverages a tried and true approach to guarantee your implementation is on time and at a fixed cost.
  • Integrated Best Practices: Once a solution is implemented, making it work for your team is often its own challenge. By incorporating HR business best practices, can help get you up and running faster with standardised content and templates.
  • Faster Time to Value: The goal of any investment is to drive a return, but delays and added costs can push this far down the line. By expediting implementation and incorporating industry expertise, fast tracks your ROI so your organisation can reap the benefits of a solution in a matter of weeks.

The suite allows HR teams to fast track HCM implementations, including:

  1. – a comprehensive HRIS solution that includes integrated self service functions and standard HR processes.
  2. perform& – drives effective employee performance management with comprehensive goal planning tools.
  3. – provides a comprehensive talent acquisition solution with proactive hiring tools.
  4. - provides comprehensive learning delivery and management capabilities. 

All four solutions are fully integrated and allow your organisation to grow and quickly adapt to changing requirements. No matter your HR or business goals, rapid deployment solutions like can help you get up to speed and realise value, fast!

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