Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


ERP systems are a significant investment for any organisation. Our focus at NTT is to unlock the value of your investment to create the most business impact.

We use our capabilities to modernise your investment in ERP, optimise its operation, integrate with new applications, and extend its capabilities to facilitate additional business processes. All these things should deliver operational benefits and increased business value.

NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you to assess your current and future needs and provide tailored SAP ERP solutions that are right for you.

Navigating rapid growth – First steps to ERP

Fast-growth companies often find finance or supply chain systems begin to stretch at the seams. Systems that served you well during early entrepreneurial growth (eg Xero, MYOB, Excel) can reach limitations of scale, flexibility and capability. Defined turning points such as a significant investor cash injection, entry to a new region, or winning a large contract can create a need to scale rapidly. Targeted introduction of specific capabilities can help you to navigate that growth successfully and provide scalability for the future. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you to assess your strategic growth trajectory and map a gradual ERP journey to help you get there. This strategic planning and targeted implementation approach enables a rapid low-risk gradual introduction of ERP capabilities to support your immediate needs and a platform for future expansion.

Growing through merger or acquisition – Integrating ERP

For many organisations, the first step to an enterprise grade ERP solution is a merger or acquisition. This overnight integration of new sites or divisions presents an opportunity to migrate legacy sites to match the ERP capabilities of the new additions. While you don’t need a full enterprise SAP implementation to gain the management advantages of an ERP system, you do need rapid solutions to enable you to focus on extracting synergies from your newly expanded business. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you to identify what you need now, what to integrate from the new addition(s), and map a scalable path to the future as your business continues to grow.

Business process and digital transformation – Using ERP for success

Information is power. Targeted ERP capabilities can help you to capture, analyse and drive business process transformation. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you to analyse current processes, assess what you need to change, and define how ERP can facilitate your business process change to support all your transactional and analytic needs. ERP implementations sometimes get a bad name because they have been oversold, over scaled, over-priced, and can under deliver. NTT DATA Business Solutions takes a very different approach. We start with your organisation, your specific needs and the specific characteristics of the process transformation you need to achieve. Then we work with you to introduce the least cost, least risk capabilities to deliver that outcome. And we do it within a framework that enables you to scale up and scale out capabilities over time, as and when you need it.

Existing SAP ERP but need to adapt – Extending your ERP

As your business changes and evolves, your ERP environment needs to evolve with it. A significant change in your business operations, an emerging client pain point, process challenges, or simply expanding your overall functionality can require your ERP environment to adapt. Perhaps you’re looking to change your overall user experience or go mobile. Perhaps your financial advisers have recommended new legal and financial structures for the next stage of business growth.

You don’t need radical replacement, you need highly targeted analysis, design and adaptation to minimise disruption and maximise outcomes. NTT DATA Business Solutions combines global SAP expertise with highly specific local ERP design and implementation responsiveness to deliver exactly what you need so you can focus on business.

SAP ERP analytics – Harvesting your wealth of ERP data

At the heart of any ERP environment is a wealth of data. Harvesting that data can provide the intel you need to improve service levels, drive productivity and efficiency, and respond rapidly to emerging trends. NTT DATA Business Solutions provides the expertise you need to harness your wealth of ERP data with SAP and real time analytics.

Regional business unit, global parent – Right-sized ERP

Regional business units of global enterprises face a choice. Do you implement the bells and whistles ERP configuration of the global enterprise, often at a disproportionate financial cost? Do you resist the global ERP solution, stick with what you have, but then grapple with onerous month-end manual data extraction and reporting to HQ? Or do you work with a partner with expertise to analyse what levels of integration are possible to achieve what you need and only what you need?

ERP licence analysis – Right-sized licensing

ERP systems that scale to global enterprises also have scalable licensing options. The trick though is to ensure that you only pay for what you need now, and periodically review your SAP license structure to ensure optimal outcomes. When you make changes to your ERP environment, NTT DATA Business Solutions can also provide licensing analysis and expertise to set you up for success.

Industry focus for specialist ERP outcomes

NTT DATA Business Solutions begins with your business, not your IT. We do this because we know it is critical to successful ERP environments. Our consultants have business backgrounds so they understand both process and technology and can help design a system that works for you. When your business need is specific to your industry, we draw on our local and global network to provide specific expertise. Automotive industry? – we have a specialist team. Remote mining sensors? – our mining team can help. Manufacturing data? – We work with leading manufacturers worldwide. Agriculture sector? – We have specialist expertise to tailor your ERP accordingly.

Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility data – Reaching outside of ERP

As you continue to refine your physical assets and processes in a digital age, the sheer volume of data available to you grows exponentially. Connectivity, hand-held scanners, GPS tracking data on vehicle fleets, mobile devices, RFID warehouse data and more generate a torrent of data. And that volume of data is set to grow exponentially again with the Internet of Things enabling remote sensors throughout your organisation. It is transforming asset management, it is transforming operations management, it is transforming business processes and you need to extend your ERP to adapt. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you plan and implement the connectivity and solutions needed to serve your business of tomorrow.

NTT DATA is at the forefront of the Internet of Things evolution. NTT Labs co-developed a fabric embedded with sensors, called ‘hitoe’ with Toray Industries, to monitor people’s vital signs like heartbeat and nervous system responses. Using a hitoe vest, NTT has also been developing an algorithm that estimates fatigue levels by analysing vital data from hitoe – data that can link directly to your ERP analytics and reporting.

This is just one example. NTT DATA's innovation extends to a variety of industries and applications - including drone traffic management, communication robots, blockchain technology and data visualisation for sports fan engagement


Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

Making this kind of transformation can be difficult – especially when it comes to developing the business case.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is unique. We have the global size, the IP and the specialist expertise to succeed with your SAP ERP. The NTT DATA Business Solutions Group, including itelligence, forms the largest global reseller of SAP licenses. Globally, we provide services to over 5,000 SAP customers and operate ten dedicated SAP Hosting Centres. We are a Platinum SAP partner.

Our Global SAP Implementation Methodology driven by the Global NTT DATA One Method Centre of Excellence enables us to provide highly tailored solutions within a robust global methodology. We provide ERP design, implementation and support on any platform, on premises or on cloud. Our proven methodology enables us to minimise risk and maximise outcomes for your ERP environment, built on a global centre of excellence, global standards, strong process layer and proven tools and templates.

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