Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning


New routes to market. New lines of business. Enhancing customer-focus. Reducing overheads. Sharpening business practices. This is the real value of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – visibility. Visibility into your procurement, operations and people. ERP solutions provide the visibility you need in your business. However, the ERP technology you choose is an enabler, it is not an end in itself.

If you have an existing system, it may make sense to adapt your on-premises ERP . If you have the opportunity to start afresh, cloud-based ERP solutions enable reduced, predictable operational costs, rapid implementation and ongoing scalability for the future.

DOWNLOAD  : Read how other small and midsize companies are navigating digital change.

DOWNLOAD: Read how other small and midsize companies are navigating digital change.

GUIDE :  Looking at taking the leap to ERP for the first time? Our experts have put together this step-by-step guide.

GUIDE: Looking at taking the leap to ERP for the first time? Our experts have put together this step-by-step guide.

Your business is growing fast

Cloud-based ERP makes previously inaccessible enterprise grade ERP possible for rapidly growing SME businesses, mid-market companies and local subsidiaries of international organisations. Harnessing the power of cloud avoids the need for heavy on-premises IT infrastructure, makes it faster to implement, easier to support and enables you to select and pay for only the functionality you need. With cloud ERP, NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you access service capabilities for financials, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, supply chain management, and more.

simplify your it environment

Let’s be honest. Very few people dream at night about the intricacies of an ERP – maybe just us. You are far more likely to lay awake worrying about a specific business challenge. Perhaps you are grappling with market disruption and need to transform logistics management to respond? Or navigating unprecedented growth and need better ways to manage inventory? Perhaps you’ve recently expanded through a merger, or been acquired and have new reporting obligations.  

Implementing the right ERP solution streamlines your business operations – integrating or replacing disparate systems. Choosing a cloud-based solution eliminates the cost, manpower and operational risk associated with maintaining physical infrastructure.

getting the best on a budget

Cloud-based ERP solutions have changed the game; you can start your journey earlier, easier, and at a level specifically tailored to your business which used to only be possible for global enterprises. Cloud models make it rapid and low-risk to begin ERP adoption and expand functionality over time. It also represents a change in financial model as you remove the need for large capital expenditure over a 3-5-year refresh cycle, and deal with a manageable operational expenditure model.

What’s more, choosing an ERP system by the industry’s best vendor means you are also leveraging best practice business processes – developed over 40+ years of working with the biggest companies in the world.

keep up with your reporting needs

Data-driven decisions are key to keeping your business performing and growing. However, making the jump from a small team to a larger team can mean that tedious manual processes become unworkable or unreliable. In most cases, you won’t be able to keep up with increased reporting requirements. Jumping to an ERP system means all your data is in the one place. Leveraging standard reports gets you operating in near real-time, and not having to wonder how old the data is in the spreadsheet you’re working off.


erp for your industry

No-one knows your business like you do. Partnering with an innovation leader that understands your industry though can amplify your efforts and maximise the benefits of your cloud-based ERP. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have a global network to provide expertise specific to your industry. No matter whether it’s automotive, manufacturing, retail, mining or any of our 22 areas of domain expertise, we assign specialist resources to design, implement and support the cloud ERP solution specific to your needs.

integrate critical business applications

Working across disparate systems makes it difficult to get the full picture. Different data sets may be old or in different formats, meaning you either don’t have the right information, or you add additional overhead to get it in the right state to derive insights.

Bringing all your business operational information into a central place means you can cut down on processing times, identify trends early and make better decisions faster.  There are two main ways to facilitate this – either moving to an ERP system which will replace all other systems, or use an ERP system as a central source of truth for all systems to integrate with. The reality is probably a mix of the two, but the end goal is to eliminate manual intervention and make sure you have the insights you need to be successful.

integrate with global hq

Many companies that run large and complex ERP as their corporate system are moving to a two-tier model to support their subsidiaries. With this model, they choose a subsidiary ERP system that meets functional requirements and is less expensive to deploy, easier to change, and simpler to manage. Yet it also satisfies corporate requirements, which typically include regulatory transparency, operational metrics visibility, use of centralised business functions, and key data rollup. 

Many of these companies are selecting the SAP Business ByDesign™ solution as their subsidiary ERP system for those reasons. It is fast to deploy, offers a low cost of ownership, meets functional and industry requirements, and provides deep integration with ERP used at headquarters.

get up and running fast

Cloud ERP solutions make rapid, low-risk implementation possible. You gain access to the capabilities you need, without needing to implement cumbersome on-premises infrastructure. NTT DATA Business Solutions can provide fixed price implementation and pre-agreed rapid implementation timelines. Depending on your existing size and environment, it is often possible for NTT DATA Business Solutions to provide a 6, 8 or 12-week initial implementation to enable you to begin experiencing ERP benefits quickly. Our Global SAP Implementation Methodology driven by the Global NTT DATA One Method Centre of Excellence enables us to provide highly tailored solutions within a robust global methodology. Our proven methodology is built on a global centre of excellence, global standards, strong process layer with proven tools and templates to minimise risk and maximise outcomes for your ERP.



A guide to first-time ERP

An ERP solution can be a transformational and intimidating proposition.  But there are many practical things you can do to plan ahead, articulate your objectives and prepare. This practical preparation can deliver outstanding business results and impact. Our experts have put together this guide to help you take on ERP - providing practical tips, templates and checklists to help you put your best foot forward for the four steps of an ERP implementation:

  1. Considering an ERP
  2. Choosing a partner and a solution
  3. Implementation
  4. Post implementation

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

NTT DATA Business Solutions is unique. We have the local Australian expertise, global size, and IP to help you succeed with either:

  • A bespoke cloud-based (or on-premises) solution that builds on your existing environment
  • The expertise you need to design and deploy an environment of integrated systems
  • A complete packaged solution using our own resources and delivered to you in an “As-a-Service” format. This solution can still be fully integrated with your existing infrastructure, but with a much lower risk, allowing you to test your business case assumptions before making major capital investments.

We can grow with your business – multiple locations, multiple currencies, and the whole suite – HCM, Expense management, procurement, marketing, and platforms for customised fast application development. We’ll take you on the journey.

The ultimate value is that we think as a business partner, not a software vendor. We act as your advocate to ensure you get what’s best for your business and not just what the vendors are promoting.

For more information, contact NTT DATA Business Solutions today.


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