A top-tier HR System is more affordable (and faster to deploy) than you may think

According to the Sierra-Cedar 2016 – 2017 HR Systems Survey,* in the competitive mid market and small business space HR technology adoption has become a major differentiator for organisations out-performing their peers. Organisations with higher than average HR technology adoption saw almost double the revenue per employee and a 12% increase in their overall HR, Talent and Business Outcome metrics.

The range of solutions today

The challenge of selecting the right HR system should not be underestimated. On one hand, HR technology providers and partners are competing hard to differentiate themselves in an already crowded vendor ecosystem. Visionary innovations like wearable technologies, machine learning, chatbots etc. aim to keep their solutions ahead of the competition. They include remarkable capabilities that enable an employee to interact with a HR system that would never have been thought of just a few years, maybe even months ago.

On the other hand, the acceleration of HR technology innovations, features and functions may be perceived as over complicated - or too far ahead of it’s time to be a valid proposition for organisations that are just starting their HR technology journey.

Employers are looking to start with simple and easy to use systems that add immediate value over the shortest period of time. These systems provide the foundation to support more strategic HR activities and technology innovations as their organisation grows, and business processes mature.

Too much too soon can lead to operational disruption and change management requirements that could otherwise be avoided with a scalable and measured approach to HR technology roll out. There is no reason for a big bang implementation with all the bells and whistles if the business and/or process are not ready. There is nothing wrong with a program that sees an organisation consume components of HR technology that address their immediate business pain points one step at a time.

However, when a HR solution can provide an organisation with (and I hate to use the cliché term) “best practice” process and content, then why not adopt that technology and process as quickly as possible? There is no need to reinvent the wheel, instead take advantage of proven processes that are common across many of the world’s leading companies.

Every organisation will sit somewhere on this continuum – and it’s important to understand this when planning your initiatives.

Making a top-tier solution accessible 

With this in mind, NTT DATA are able to offer a unique proposition and delivery model for a number of our SAP SuccessFactors packages. We enable your own business and subject matter experts to deploy the solutions through a collaborative approach with our consulting team. Our delivery methodology is all about enabling your team through a framework of one to one training and coaching sessions.

First, we will set up your SAP SuccessFactors system, then we deploy our solution best practice packages into your system. From there we will support your business experts to set up the design of your company into the solution, and finally, prepare you for go-live so that the solutions can be rolled out in your own time and at your own pace.

Our packages can be deployed from as little as 2 weeks, depending upon the modules that you wish to implement. What’s more there is no set up fee for this service. The only price you pay is the packaged subscription on a per employee, per month basis – no more to pay.

So, if you’re looking at HR technology, speak to our HCM experts on how the right solution can fit your business – it’s faster and more affordable than you may think. Find out more (including pricing) on our dedicated HR Technology page.

* Sierra-Cedar 2016 – 2017 HR Systems Survey. 19th Annual Edition.