‘Tis the season to be planning

As we head into the final quarter of 2016 many organisations are in the midst of, if not completed, their business strategy planning for 2017.

Business leaders and HR teams will be on notice – to prepare their teams and align their focus and objectives to that strategy. Having a strategic business plan with what an organisation’s objectives are and what they need to do to achieve them is the platform for any successful enterprise, regardless of their size. The task of structuring that plan into a manageable, scalable and agile workforce KPI framework is the challenge for the leaders in partnership with HR and critical to the success of the organisation.

For many who have yet to implement a sustainable solution to support this process the investment and business outcome risk can be significant year after year. Think about the people involved to support ad-hoc systems and templates, not to mention the quality assurance of content and information that is captured and shared in the process – or maybe more to the point, the important information, collaboration and progress tracking that is not captured or lost when there are multiple sources and disconnections in play.


So, as we accelerate towards the ‘season to be jolly’ back of mind for those involved in workforce strategic alignment will be what tasks lie ahead when we return from our seasonal breaks.

At NTT DATA Business Solutions we have a number of solution offerings, deployed using SAP SuccessFactors and our Ready2Run rapid deployment solutions that can provide businesses with modular talent management and comprehensive HRIS solutions at a fraction of the cost and implementation time compared to the more traditional implementations – typically 1/3rd.

For example, our Ready2Run perform&align.it, powered by SAP SuccessFactors, can be deployed in as little as 3 weeks. You can be up and running well in time for 2017 and rest easy knowing you have your solutions in place, ready to execute and cascade your business strategies throughout the whole of your workforce.