Reality of an annual performance review without Continuous Performance Management

It’s that time of year again, you completed your objective and KPI setting almost 12 months ago and the e-mail from HR hits your in-box – you have 4 weeks to complete your performance self review, make sure your manager does their bit, have a conversation and hope that you achieve a decent enough rating to be in with a shout for a pay rise or bonus next year – sound familiar?…….

That is the reality for many of us and when you are of a certain age like me, remembering achievements, what went well, what didn’t over the period of a week or two is a challenge, let alone 12 months.

As I work through my self review I find myself trawling through e-mails, thinking where has this year gone, trying to cross reference the work I had completed back to my objectives and surprising myself how busy I have actually been – how am I going to articulate this to my manager in a few short paragraphs?

At NTT DATA Business Solutions we have been using SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals to manage our own performance and development processes. Of course it’s a great solution and allows us to capture our KPI progress during the year, collate feedback, and update our plans easily. So why am I in this position of trawling through e-mails and dusting down my memory bank? Well I’m only human, I’ve been busy, I just haven’t had the time or quite frankly the inclination to practice what I preach. So many excuses and now I am paying the price!

Earlier this year SAP SuccessFactors released a great new feature called Continuous Performance Management – and I can’t wait for us to have it up and running for next year’s process. Only now do I truly appreciate how this great addition to the employee and manager toolkit is going to make life so much easier for me, my manager and poor old HR who are chasing us all to complete our reviews.

What I love about the solution is being able to quickly capture activities as they happen and link them to objectives from any device, mobile, desktop etc. Not only that, I can keep my manager informed, set up 1:1 meetings, and turn my activities into achievements in seconds. My manager can provide me with feedback, advice and informal coaching.

And another great option – not only can Continuous Performance Management complement existing processes and seamlessly integrate with a formal objective/KPI plan, it can also be deployed ‘standalone’ for organisations that may wish to rely solely on an activity and achievement driven framework without the formalities of an annual review, whilst still aligning and measuring achievements against organisational strategy and business plans.

There are many options to deploy this great new feature. And it is available with our NTT DATA Business Solutions Ready2Run rapid deployment for SAP SuccessFactors.

Are you ready to transform your Performance Management processes and move to a next generation solution where the review forms and goal plans can simply become a repository for your workforce’s activities and achievements?