Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise performance management (EPM) refers to an integrated management approach that links strategic goals directly to the operational and financial activities necessary to reach those objectives. EPM comprises of:

Enterprise Performance Management

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management solutions can help your company capitalise on the value of your existing data assets. Your organisation can become more agile with strategic alignment, improved visibility, and greater confidence - giving you optimal control and competitive advantage. With SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management solutions, you can:

Better Control Performance

  • Understand how your strategies will be impacted by risk and adjust plans and expectations accordingly
  • Reduce costs and increase working capital by closely monitoring and understanding company spending
  • Increase profitability by gaining insight into your best and worst customers, channels, and products

Increase Organisational Agility

  • Improve the quality and speed of decisions by closing your books faster and more accurately
  • Create what-if scenarios and plan versions so you can compare alternatives and act with confidence
  • Understand the impact of changes so you can align operational capacity and support functions with demand

Gain Greater Context for Decision Making

  • Empower every stakeholder to communicate, collaborate and execute on a defined plan of action in context and real time

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