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The success of Engineering, Construction and Operation (EC&O) organisations depends on their skill at managing project schedules and costs, equipment, personnel, and properties, while meeting requirements for global business operations. SAP helps EC&O businesses address these issues by simplifying and automating complex project management processes and helping integrate people, processes, and data throughout the value chain. Organisations can deploy functionality as needed, leverage existing IT investments for cost-effective integration, and adjust business processes as market conditions change, enabling them to meet and exceed their corporate goals.

Business benefits gained by EC&O organisations using SAP are:

  • Better control of project and corporate finances - With SAP for EC&O, you can integrate financial management, business analysis, and strategic enterprise management. You can also optimise financial planning and forecasting, streamline the financial supply chain, and improve fiscal management and reporting
  • Stronger relationships with subcontractors and suppliers - SAP for EC&O enables you to improve communication and better manage your relationship with suppliers
  • New ways to attract, retain, and manage employees - SAP for EC&O enables you to link employee processes with business processes and support multiple languages in global operations. Robust support for knowledge management helps you retain organisational expertise
  • Improved project management - With SAP for EC&O, you gain market-leading support for enterprise resource planning (ERP). You can also manage projects in new ways that control costs and improve productivity
  • Enhanced project execution - With SAP for EC&O, you can manage equipment to maximise usage, track assets with greater control, improve document management, and enhance communication with valued partners
  • Better change order management - Comprehensive support for document and version management, as well as sophisticated collaboration, enable you to manage change orders more efficiently
  • Greater ability to seize aftermarket opportunities - SAP for EC&O enables collaboration with partners in new ways - giving you the flexibility to capitalise quickly on new business opportunities, such as facilities management
  • Improved project portfolio management and asset management - With SAP for EC&O, you can align information, people, and processes in the entire organisation from a holistic perspective and make informed strategic decisions
  • Better integrated environment - With SAP for EC&O, you can give all stakeholders role-based access to the information, applications, and robust mobile technology they need. You can unify people, information, and processes across technological, organisational, and geographical boundaries

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